Chest Liposuction


Male breast tissue is a source of anxiety and embarrassment to many men.

The problem typically results in the sufferers not wearing T-shirts that allow the breast to protrude and will avoid showing their chest on the beach.

The breast tissue can be either fibrous, fatty, or a combination of the two. The composition of the tissue will determine what excisional technique is used.

The distribution of fat in the male chest determines its aesthetics. Imbalance and poor proportions result in poor appearance.

Dr. Faisal, the best Gyenaecomastia Surgeon in Dubai has extensive experience in chest liposuction procedures and understands the aesthetics of the male chest in order to deliver the highest standards. He is comfortable with the latest techniques and technology so as to give you the best patient experience



What Is Involved In Chest Liposuction?

When the composition of the breast tissue is primarily fatty, liposuction is an excellent solution

The chest liposuction procedure is performed under general anaesthetic and does not involve an overnight stay

Liposuction involves using tubes to suck out fat. The techniques used to assist the liposuction can be an ultrasound (VASER) and power assistance (MICROAIRE). In addition to helping to remove the fat, these advanced techniques reduce swelling and bruising by decreasing trauma to the tissues

The scars associated with liposuction are very small and are hidden in the armpit and nipple

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Can Everyone Undergo  Chest Liposuction?

If the excess breast tissue is primarily fat then this is ideal for liposuction.

Patients presenting with fibrous breast tissue and excess skin will require a more invasive procedure. This assessment will be made at the consultation.

Being overweight is associated with poorer surgical outcomes, and will also limit the quality of the final aesthetic outcome. It is recommended that you have a BMI< 30 

Smoking is associated with poor surgical outcomes and stopping smoking 3 weeks before the surgery is a pre-requisite

Medical problems such as diabetes can impair wound healing

Medications such as warfarin, aspirin, and Plavix prolong bleeding and steroids impair wound healing

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What Will Happen After the Liposuction?

The chest liposuction procedure will not require an overnight admission

A compression garment will be applied in the operating theatre. This will have to be worn for 6 weeks, only removing for showering/ bathing and cleansing of the garment

The pain immediately after the surgery will be moderate due to the local anesthetic applied to the chest. 

Pain killers and antibiotics will be given on discharge which will occur a few after the procedure

It is recommended that you bring a friend/family member who can accompany you home and help with shopping etc for 2 days

The wounds have a layer of skin glue beneath the dressing. This gives them an additional layer of protection. 

Showering is possible after the procedure, but care must be taken not to use too high a pressure. Dry the dressing with a hairdryer on low heat to maintain its patency

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How Quickly Will I Recover

It is normal to have swelling following the procedure

This will persist for up to six months after the procedure, however, the anticipated results will be visible immediately

It is normal for the swelling to increase for a few weeks before it subsides

Pain will typically improve 5 days following the procedure

Postoperative visits are scheduled at 1 week, 2 weeks, and 6 weeks

Patients are normally able to return to work 4-5 days after the procedure 

Return to the gym is normally advised after 3 weeks

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