Breast Augmentation and Lift


Following pregnancy, weight loss or aging, many patients find that their breasts have lost volume and begin to droop more than before. In particular, the nipple is at a lower position, the upper part of their breast is flatter and there are stretch marks and excess skin.

What is Breast Augmentation and Lifting?

Breast augmentation and breast lifting aim to lift the nipple position, remove the excess skin and also restore volume to the upper pole of the breast.  

In these patients, a breast augmentation alone would not achieve the lift necessary to correct the nipple position and a lift alone would not address the lack of volume in the upper portion of the breast

The breast lift is most commonly achieved using a silicone implant, and rarely using fat. The lift is achieved using mastopexy techniques. These involve excision of excess skin and repositioning of the nipple. The compromise here is the use of scars. The type and amount of scarring is dependent on how much of a lift is required. Scarring can be restricted to just around the nipple but can be  extended to a lollipop or anchor shape for more significant lifting

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Why Combine The Two Procedures

Many patients come to a consultation without having this procedure in mind. They either think a breast augmentation is needed or a breast lift is needed. During the consultation, Dr. Faisal will highlight the reasons why this procedure is most appropriate

The operation is a complex procedure because the individual procedures act against each other. The breast lift is designed to elevate the breast, but the weight of the implant pushes the breast down. It is important to choose a surgeon with a large experience of this operation, as planning the procedure and selecting the most appropriate implant are essential for a good outcome

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Am I a Good Candidate to Undergo the Procedure?

4 groups of people typically fall into the category of patients requiring breast lift this procedure

The first is patients who have always had droopy breasts, and would like a reconstruction. 

The second group is those following massive weight loss. These patients often require a number of procedures and this is typically performed in conjunction with another procedure.

The third group is mothers who have completed their families. They require a restoration of volume and shape. This is commonly performed in conjunction with a tummy tuck as part of a mummy makeover

The final group is patients who have previously had a breast augmentation with implants and now require a reduction in the size of their implant, which will necessitate a lift in order to keep the breast in proportion

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How to Prepare for the Procedure?

Before undergoing the breast lift procedure, you need to prepare:


Start by ensuring you have someone accompany you during the operation - you will not need an overnight stay, but it is still recommended you have someone you trust close by your side.

Abstain from alcohol and cigarettes starting from two weeks before your procedure, preferably sooner. They have an adverse effect on healing. 

If you are taking blood-thinning medications it is advisable that you stop taking this 1 week prior to the date. These include Plavix, aspirin and warfarin

Taking arnica tablets one leading up to the operation can significantly reduce bruising

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Post-Op Care and the Recovery Time After the Procedure

After breast augmentation, you will awaken with a temporary bra fashioned out of surgical tape. The pain will be minimal due to the local anesthetic administered during the procedure.

The discharge will occur after a period of 6- 8 hours. instructions on how to contact Dr. Faisal in an emergency will be given in addition to pain killers and antibiotics

Mobility will be limited to self-care and you will feel some mild pain and stiffness of the shoulders

Showering is permitted however the dressing must be dried immediately using a drier on a low setting

The first clinic visit  will occur the following day to be measured for a surgical bra

On the second postoperative day, you will return to the clinic for a quick wound check and collection of the surgical bra

The pain and stiffness will be significantly diminished by the 3rd day of breast augmentation.

Most people are back to work in an office-based environment by day 4/5

You can start driving at 10 days

It is advisable to sleep on your back for 3 weeks and avoid resuming physical activity for 6 weeks. This will allow the implants to settle in the right position and allow the swelling to settle quicker

clinic visits will be conducted at 1 week, 2 weeks, 6 weeks and 4 months

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