Ears are a very visible part of the face. People born with protruding or abnormally shaped ears are very self-conscious and often experience bullying as children. This is not only a source of anxiety for the children but also their parents. Dr. Faisal recommends that children be at least 5 years before attending a consultation

There are typically 2 fundamental issues which can cause prominent ears

The fold within the ear may be absent or underdeveloped, or the cartilage in the back of the ear may be overdeveloped causing the ear to rest further away from the side of the head

Otoplasty or pinnaplasty aims to fix issues with the appearance of the ears, and it does that through a variety of techniques that all address a certain issue about a person’s ears, be it asymmetry, size, or deformity. 

What is Otoplasty?

Otoplasty or pinnaplasty is performed under general anaesthetic

The incision is concealed in the crease behind the ear

The absent fold is simulated and its position marked. Sutures are then carefully placed to recreate the fold

 If there is excess cartilage also contributing to the problem then this is carefully removed.

Dissolvable sutures are used to close the wound

A bulky helmet-shaped dressing is then applied. This is designed to protect the ear, maintain the shape of the ear and to help minimise any bleeding

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What is the Recovery for Otoplasty?

The patient will awaken with a large dressing wrapped around the ears and head

Local anesthetic applied to the ears will minimise the pain. Pain killers and antibiotics will be given on discharge despite the procedure not being associated with pain

Dr. Faisal recommends that the patient rest for the following week

The dressing will be removed at 1 week

It is normal for there to be a lot of swelling at this time and the ears to look unusual

The dressing will be replaced with a  sports headband. This needs to be worn at all times for the next 3 weeks and at night for the 2 weeks following this

The patient must not engage in any sport or contact activity for the following 6 weeks

A further clinic visit will be done at 2 weeks and 6 weeks

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How Can I Prepare For The Surgery?

Dr. Faisal recommends that children have the surgery during the school holidays, as a recovery period of 4 weeks will be necessary

Adults would require a 1-week vacation from work

Purchase a sports headband

Adults are asked to stop smoking 3 weeks before the procedure as smoking harms wound healing

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