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A body lift is any procedure that addresses loose and hanging skin over the lower trunk area. This arises most commonly following massive weight loss. However, age also causes these changes to occur in most people to a varying degree, and depending on their severity will determine if a body lift is suitable or not


What is a Lower Body Lift?

A lower body lift or belt lipectomy is a surgical procedure, and some people mix it with abdominoplasty. It is especially designed to remove excess tissue on the lower abdomen, flanks, and back.

The procedure can also address low hanging buttocks and in certain cases utilize tissue to give them projection.

The procedure is performed as a general anesthetic. Preoperatively the incision is marked in order for it to be concealed in the pant line. The procedure will take between 3 to 5 hours and involves an overnight stay in the hospital.

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Who Should Undergo this Procedure?

The main group of patients who elect to have this procedure is those who have undergone massive weight loss. This could have been performed via surgery or through old fashioned diet and exercise.

The loose hanging skin causes a number of issues

  • Aesthetically it appears very unattractive
  • Patients have difficulty finding clothes that accommodate the excess tissue
  • The excess skin can rub against each other, causing irritation and skin to open
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Am I a Suitable Candidate?

In order to achieve the most optimum results the following requirement need to be met


  • Stable weight for 6 months
  •  BMI< 30
  • Non-smoker
  • No abnormalities in baseline blood results
  • No long term medical problems such as diabetes
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How to Prepare for a Body Lift?

  • Try to avoid heavy exercise 1 week prior to the procedure
  • Avoid blood-thinning medications such as aspirin and warfarin 1 week prior to the operation
  • Avoid alcohol the day before the surgery
  • The procedure does not restrict you from self-caring for the first few days after the procedure, but ther will be limitations to what you can do. It may be advisable to arrange support from friends or family during this period
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What is the Post-operative period?

Immediately after the procedure, you will awaken with dressings encasing your abdomen, and there may or may not be drainage tubes. A compression garment will be in place to minimize swelling. The pain will be well controlled due to intraoperative anesthetic injections and pain killers that will be prescribed. 

The patient will be allowed to rest that evening, but the following morning nursing staff will remove the catheter and encourage movement out of the bed and into the chair. During the course of the morning and afternoon assistance will be given in mobilizing the patient around the corridor, in readiness for discharge that evening. 

The patient will be discharged with pain medications and antibiotics

The pain will be worst for the first couple of days, but this is well controlled with the pain killers. Every day this diminishes, and the feeling of being ones self returns

The first post-operative visit is  48 hours following hospital discharge. If a drain had been placed, it will be removed

The second check is performed at 1 week

There is a third check at 2 weeks, to give the all-clear for work, and to remove any sutures

Further checks are made at 4 and 8 weeks


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Patient Reviews

Charlotte Wilson
Charlotte Wilson
I had breast augmentation surgery with Dr Faisal and I honestly couldn’t recommend him enough. The whole process from consultation to aftercare appointments was professional, caring and to the highest standard. He listened to what I wanted and the results are incredible. I would have any future treatments done by Dr Faisal and would send anyone I know to him also.
Thejaswini Paripally
Thejaswini Paripally
Been looking for doctors over years now both in Dubai and India. Never felt fully comfortable with anyone to go forward with the procedure, then I came across Dr. Faizal, found him while I was doing research online and read a lot of positive reviews. Went down for a consultation, a really gem of a person. Immediately felt comfortable, he explained me everything in detail, assured me and got exactly what I wanted and the price was reasonable as well. The hospital the surgery was held at had the best services and staff as well. They took care of everything and made me feel safe and comfortable throughout the procedure. Came back home the same day, I'm at 6 weeks post op now, and the healing is wonderful and now I feel much more confident, all thanks to him. If anyone is looking for a breast augmentation, I would definitely suggest to go for a consultation with him and decide for themselves.
good choice
Vicky Bates
Vicky Bates
Having done a lot of research and looked around Dubai for the best possible option for us, we found Dr Faisal, and I'm so glad we did! The non judgemental and honest advice throughout as well as his pre and post op care is incredible and has been there every step of the way for me. Thank you so much Dr Faisal for everything :).
Ola AlHassan
Ola AlHassan
I came to Dr.Faisal not sure of anything. I wasn’t happy with my body as I had a lot of excess skin due to massive weight loss. I was scared of the idea of a surgery, so came in hoping for an alternative. Here I am months - 3 months post my surgery, wearing a pair of jeans that would have never fit me before. I had a lower body lift surgery done, and I must say my results are amazing. My body has changed so much, and I am very very happy with the way I look now. Dr.Faisal is a great doctor. He will make sure you are aware of everything before and after the procedure and is always there for his patients. My favorite trait about him is that he is always available. Being a patient who has low pain tolerance, and someone who worries a lot, I would always call him. I would have a lot to ask before and after the surgery- and he was always there. It didn’t matter what day or time it was, he made sure to help with every little thing and I am very grateful for him. Thank you doctor, I can now sit without having layers of my stomach falling down, I can now wear my clothes much more confidently and can finally say I love my body.
Lauren Shaw
Lauren Shaw
I can’t recommend Dr Faisal enough, he gets me the results I want every time. He answers all of my questions in depth and explains how and why he does things and makes me feel comfortable. I wouldn’t go to anyone else!
Kirsten Shaw
Kirsten Shaw
Two words to describe my experience with Dr. Faisal: life changing. I had a breast reduction and it has changed my life! The procedure itself was painful for the first 2 hours and much to my surprise I was ready to go home only 4 hours after waking up and ready to return to work only 3 days later. My back, neck and shoulders feel great, my posture is better and I couldn't be happier! I recommend Dr. Faisal and the surgery 100%, my only regret is not finding him 10 years sooner! Thank you Doc!!
Faith Murray
Faith Murray
Dr Faisal is a skilled surgeon who is extremely meticulous and I would highly recommend him. He has a pleasant and calm demeanor which puts you at ease. He looks at the whole person and what they want to achieve and relays realistically what can be done which helps set the right level of expectation from the outset. He shows compassion throughout the process which makes you feel like you are in good hands. Overall Dr Faisal exceeded my expectations and I am so pleased with my results!
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