Thigh Lift


As we age the skin around the thigh can become loose and saggy

Patients undergoing weight loss can also develop this

After thigh lift surgery, patients feel more confident in wearing certain clothes and also less embarrassed to have them on show

Following the surgery patients feel more confident in wearing certain clothes and also less embarrassed to have them on show




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What is a Thigh Lift?

A thigh lift is performed under general anesthesia

You will normally have an overnight stay in hospital

It typically involves a long scar going down the inside seam of the thigh

Very rarely will a more listed incision go along the groin crease (pant line), as Dr. Faisal feels the results are less satisfactory

Dr. Faisal will mark out the skin to be excised as an ellipse. These markings will be finalized in theatre

Before removing the skin, Dr. Faisal will perform liposuction on the thigh  if necessary

He will then focus the liposuction on the area of the skin excision. By performing liposuction here and making the skin excision less traumatic, he reduces post-operative problems such as fluid collection, blood vessel damage, and nerve injury

The skin is then carefully closed with dissolvable sutures and glue. The thighs are then wrapped in a dressing


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What Is The Recovery For A Thigh Lift?

For thigh lift surgery, you will awake with mild to moderate amounts of pain. The skin excision is not particularly painful., and most of the discomfort is localized to the liposuction areas

Swelling occurs immediately after the procedure. The dressings will provide compression, and after these are removed a specialist compression garment will be applied. Your legs will be elevated to utilize gravity to alleviate the swelling

Dr. Faisal will not use any drains in the surgery and expects you to mobilize almost immediately. It is normal to have a feeling of tightness

You will be given pain killers and antibiotics on your discharge

Dr. Faisal will review you in the clinic on day 4. He will remove the dressing and perform an early wound check. The compression garment will be then applied

Further clinic appointments will be organized for 1 week, 2 weeks, 4 weeks, and 8 weeks

Driving can be resumed at 2 weeks

You will be able to return to work at 10-14 days

You will be able to return to the gym at 8 weeks


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How to Prepare For a Thigh Lift?

Start taking Arnica tablets 1 week leading up to the operation. This will reduce bruising after the operation

Stop smoking 3 weeks before the operation. Smoking has been shown to have a harmful effect on wound healing

Stop taking blood-thinning tablets such as aspirin, warfarin, and Plavix 1 week before the operation

Avoid any heavy exercise 5 days before the operation

Dr. Faisal will only operate on patients with a BMI<32


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