Fat Transfer to Hands


What is Fat Transfer to Hands?

This is performed under a general anaesthetic

It does not typically require an overnight stay

Liposuction is performed most commonly in the flanks or abdomen

The incisions for the liposuction are placed in discrete areas and are 15mm's in length. They are most commonly placed in the lower back or groin area

They are closed with dissolvable sutures and glue. A waterproof dressing will be applied 

Fine cannulae are used to inject into the back of the hands. 

No dressing is required 

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What is the Recovery for Fat Transfer to the Hand?

When you awake following the surgery your hands will be resting on your chest

There is swelling after the operation and the best way to minimise this is by keeping your hands elevated above the level of your hand. The most practical way of doing this is to rest them on pillows in your lap when you are seated and to have them resting across your chest when you are lying down

Only mild pain is associated with the operation. The amount of fat required for the transfer is not a massive amount, so the degree of liposuction is mild. This translates into less trauma and pain

You are able to start driving after 2-3 days

You can resume work after 2-3 days

Patients are typically back in the gym at 2 weeks

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How to Prepare for the Surgical Procedure?

Taking arnica tablets 1 week leading up to the operation can significantly reduce the bruising

Smoking is harmful to fat retention, and it is advised to stop smoking 3 weeks before the operation

Stop taking blood-thinning medication 1 week before the operation. These include aspirin, warfarin, and Plavix

The operation will not limit your ability to carry out daily tasks, so additional help from friends and family is not necessary

Dr. Faisal recommends that you take 2-3 days vacation

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