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Full lips are a sign of youth and beauty. The popularity of lipstick and filler treatment to accentuate lips serves to highlight how highly society values this beauty trait

As we get older the fullness of our lips decreases. This is accentuated by the distance between the nostril and upper lip increasing. This results in the typically thin upper lip of older age.

Using a filler can help but it only adds volume to the lip and does nothing to correct the imbalance in length of the upper lip. Excess filler can deform the appearance of the upper lip.

A surgical lip lift is an ideal solution in this situation. It reduces the distance between the nose and the upper lip and also rotates out the upper lip making it look plumper and full

What is a Lip Lift?

Dr. Faisal will assess your face and recommend the procedure if  you are a suitable candidate

The procedure is performed in the clinic whilst you are awake 

The proportions of the upper lip are measured and the area that needs to be removed precisely marked

The most uncomfortable part of the procedure is the local anaesthetic injection. This will make the procedure painless and also reduce bleeding

The skin will then be excised in the shape of a bull horn. The final scar will skirt around the base of the nose and over time will not be visible.

Critical deep stitches are then placed to secure the upper lip to the base of the nose. Fine stitches are then inserted to the skin to ensure a fine scar

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What is the Recovery Following Lip Lift?

Immediately after the surgery, there will be swelling

Dr. Faisal will discharge you shortly after the procedure with pain killers and antibiotics

There will be mild discomfort and this will ease over the following 72 hours

The swelling may increase over the first 48-72 hours. Dr. Faisal advises you to use an ice pack for 5 minutes every hour for the first 5 days to help limit this. The majority of the swelling takes 1 week and rarely 2 weeks to subside, however, a residual amount will take 6 weeks to settle

Dr. Faisal, the best Plastic Surgeon in Dubai  will review you at 1 week to remove the stitches

Scar management will begin at 2-3 weeks typically

You can return to work at 1 week

A return to the gym can be made at 4 weeks

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How Can I Prepare For a Lip Lift?

The majority of swelling following lip lift takes 1 week to settle, so it is advisable to take a 1-week vacation from work

Avoid blood-thinning medications for 1 week before the operation

Smoking has a harmful effect on wound healing so has to be stopped 3 weeks before the operation

Dr Faisal recommends a scar gel

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Are There any Complications I Need to Know

The Lip lift is a procedure with a very high satisfaction

Any procedure has a risk of infection, but thankfully occurs very rarely

The scar take a few weeks to settle, but forms a very fine line which is hidden discreetly. There are a small number of patients who have thicker scars. If this does occur then this can be managed with steroid injections

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