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In today's society, the focus on looking good and in a certain way is sharper than ever. The body's silhouette is more closely analysed, and in particular, the ratio between the hips and the waist is a topic of much debate.

The current trend of the narrow waist to wider hip and more projected buttocks is seen as an attractive trait. Accentuated feminine curves are sought after, and the hourglass physique is the beauty standard of our time

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?




The term Brazilian butt lift is a little misleading. The operation did not originate in Brazil, and the buttocks are not lifted. The term is applicable, however, due to the proportions of south American women which can be seen on the beaches of Brazil.

Many women have anxieties regarding their waists. For some, there is fullness either in the flanks or the lower abdomen which they refer to this as a 'muffin top' as they feel their fat spills over the top of their pants. For others, the convexity of their hips is disturbed by a mild concavity, commonly referred to as a 'hip dip' and is highlighted when wearing tight trousers, figure-hugging dresses, and leggings. The other main group of patients is those who feel their buttocks are flat and there is no outward projection as their back becomes their butt.

The Brazilian butt lift is performed as a general anaesthetic. 

The incisions used are designed to be hidden in underwear. They are 1.5 cm in length and heal with very little visibility. There  are typically 6-8 of these punctures in the lower abdomen, belly button and lower back

Liposuction is performed in a 360-degree fashion around the abdomen. Dr. Faisal will use the latest technology to harvest the fat including VASER®️ and Microaire®️

Dr. Faisal believes the liposuction is the most critical aspect of the procedure. It is here that the long-lasting curves of the hips and waist are sculpted.

The liposucked fat is collected carefully and then processed to separate the fat from non-essential elements

The fat is then carefully injected into the space between the skin and  muscle of the hips and buttocks

The incisions are closed with a dissolving suture and skin glue, with a waterproof dressing on top

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What Is The After Care Following Brazilian Butt Lift

Following the procedure, you will awaken with pillows under your back and thighs

The pain initially will be minimal, due to the anesthetic solution used in the operation. You will also have a compressive garment around your waist, that extends into your thighs, but with openings for your buttocks and thighs

All the specialized positioning is designed to prevent any pressure on the fat, as any trauma can increase its loss. Fat loss is typically 50% but is significantly more if the care measures are not followed

You will be pushed gently to mobilise as quickly as possible to reduce the risk of post-operative problems and are routinely allowed to go home the following day. The discharge medications include painkillers and antibiotics

The main difficulty with a Brazilian butt lift is the inability to apply pressure to the buttock and hip area for 4 weeks. This leads to a few practical implications. You will be asked to purchase a special cushion for sitting, which provides cushioning for the thighs and lower back but relieves pressure off the buttocks. You will be asked to sleep on your friend and avoid lying on your back or sides

Swelling in the liposuction areas will persist for 6 months, although significant improvements are seen at 4- 6 weeks

You must also wear the garment at all times for 6 weeks, only removing it for bathing and washing

Dr. Faisal will review you at 1 week, 2 weeks and 6 weeks

He will evaluate any fluid collections that may arise, and occasionally have to aspirate them with a painless procedure. 

Manual lymphatic drainage is also highly recommended, as this helps to improve the final aesthetic result, and also reduces the swelling

You are normally ready to go back to work by 10 days

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How Can I Prepare For The Procedure?

During Your Consultation, Dr. Faisal will explain everything you need to do to prepare for the procedure

Stop smoking 3 weeks before the operation

Avoid heavy exercising in the week leading up to the operation 

Stop taking blood-thinning medications such as Aspirin,  Warfarin, and Plavix one week before the operation

You will be shown which recovery cushion to purchase

Arrange a friend or family to be close by for the first couple of days after the procedure to help with groceries etc

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Is The Brazilian Butt Lift Safe?

Brazilian Butt Lifts are a safe procedure to perform

Unfortunately, as with all things, if the procedure is done incorrectly then problems may arise

Brazilian Butt Lifts have drawn a little unwanted media coverage recently

This is due to a few cases where death has occurred. 

The problems are primarily related to the depth at which the fat is placed

There are a lot of large vessels under the muscles of the buttocks. If fat is placed into the muscles, then it possible for the fat to be placed into the blood vessels, be carried up to the heart and lungs and cause blockages of the blood vessels here.

Dr. Faisal always places fat above the muscle and blood vessels to eliminate this risk



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