Brow Lift


As we age one of the first areas to be affected is around the eyes. The brow can drop and create a hood over the eyes. This leads to patients complaining of a tired or sad-looking appearance

Brow Lift

Brow lifting is a cosmetic procedure aimed at correcting asymmetry and sagging in brows whether it is from natural causes or aging. 

It’s a flexible procedure that can be performed in a variety of ways to best satisfy the patient’s needs.

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What Does a Brow Lift Help Address?

To raise your eyebrows to a higher and more alert position.

To correct your expression and frown lines and prevent your face from looking angry or sad all the time. 

It improves and minimises the lines on your forehead.

What Results Should You Expect

After undergoing the operation, you should see clear and visible results, which include: 


Symmetric and correctly positioned brows that will rejuvenate your face.

Minimal to no signs of sagging and drooping. 

If your eyesight has been hampered by your brows getting lower, you should expect the problem to be fixed.

Regaining your natural expression and no longer looking as tired or hostile

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Who is a Good Candidate for a Brow Lift?

A good candidate for the procedure will have the following qualities: 


An ideal candidate for a brow lift will have no other medical conditions

Being overweight can have a negative outcome on surgery, so having a BMI of < 30 is ideal

Not smoking 3 weeks prior to surgery will reduce wound healing problems

Medications such as steroids can impair wound healing

The consultation will also serve to highlight the limitations of the procedure, and try to align expectations of the patient with what the procedure can deliver


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How is a Brow Lift Done? What are the Techniques?

There are two main ways the doctor can do a brow lift, and each has its own advantages: Both are performed as a general anaesthetic, and do not involve an overnight stay

Lateral brow lift- This procedure targets the lateral eye area. It is here that most people first notice a change and the procedure is good at restoring smoothness and clarity here. The procedure is performed as a general anesthetic, and can be performed as a stand-alone procedure or in conjunction with other procedures. The scars are hidden in the hairline in the temple area. The procedure typically takes 60- 90 minutes 

Endoscopic brow lift: the doctor will perform a few small incisions behind your hairline, and then he’ll insert a long thin tube with a camera mounted on it so he can accurately observe your muscle and tissue structure. He’ll then gently lift your forehead tissues with a dedicated instrument inserted through an incision.  There will be clips and sponge bolsters in the hair to hold the skin in its new position. The procedure typically takes 60- 90 minutes 

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How To Prepare Before Undergoing a Brow Lift Operation?

Make sure you have someone with you that can take care of you and drive you home. 

Stop taking blood-thinning medication such as warfarin, aspirin, and Plavix

Avoid alcohol in the days leading to the procedure

Stop smoking 3 weeks before the brow lift as this has a negative effect on wound healing

Avoid heavy exercise in the days before the procedure

Taking Arnica tablets one week leading up to the operation can significantly reduce the amount of bruising you experience

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How Long is the Recovery Time?

It is normal to experience some swelling, bruising, and headache after the procedure.

This typically resolves over the following 10-14 days.

The amount of discomfort is less in the lateral lift compared to the endoscopic procedure.

The stitches/ clips will be removed at 2 weeks


Postoperative Care, How Important Is It?

Dr. Faisal suggests that you sleep with 2-3 pillows for the first few days after surgery. You should also avoid leaning forward. These measures are designed to help limit the swelling and accelerate the healing process

Most patients are back to their normal routine by 10-14 days. The lateral temporal lift heals more quickly than the endoscopic technique

You should return to the gym at 4 weeks

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