Botox In Gummy Smile


An individual's smile is an intrinsic part of their character and personality. A beautiful smile is an attractive quality and industries have developed around it.

A lot of time, money, and often discomfort, is spent obtaining the perfect teeth in order to make the perfect smile. 

Unfortunately, showing too much of your gums when smiling can take all the focus away from the beautiful teeth and the lips

A gummy smile occurs due to a muscle in this face over elevating the upper lip

Anti-wrinkle Injections are a neuromodulator protein. It blocks the single from nerves to muscles and prevents the contraction which elevates the upper lip.

What is Gummy Smile Botox?

This is performed in the clinic

No anaesthetic is required

Dr. Faisal will carefully place botox into the levator labii superioris alaeque nasi muscle, which is responsible for the gummy smile treatment. This means an injection around each nostril

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What Happens After the Injection?

Dr. Faisal discourages you from exercising, massage, sauna and drinking alcohol for 4 hours after the procedure

The effect will start working after 3 days

Its best effect will be at 2 weeks

Dr. Faisal will invite you back to the clinic at 2 weeks

The effect typically lasts for 4 months, at which Dr. Faisal will invite you back for a further treatment

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How to Prepare Before the Injection?

Inform Dr. Faisal if you have previously had a reaction with Anti-wrinkle injections

Avoid any alcohol consumption before the injection

This is a minimally invasive procedure so no time off work is necessary

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