What Are The Steps Of The Breast Augmentation Procedure?

Breast Augmentation: Procedure and Recovery

The procedure of breast augmentation is the one that alters your breast’s size, and it involves methods such as the transfer of fat and implants to improve the breast’s natural form. Breast surgery is often used to alter your breast size after pregnancy or weight loss that increases the natural breast volume or gives the ideal shape to your breasts. If the surgeon extract fat from another part of your body to enhance your breast’s appearance, it is referred to as breast fat transfer.

How does Breast Augmentation Help You?

Here are a few aspects you can achieve by having breast surgery.

What are the steps for breast augmentation Dubai?


Because the breast augmentation procedure is a cosmetic procedure, anesthesia is needed. It is given at the beginning of the process to ensure you feel at ease throughout the surgery. Your plastic surgeon can recommend the most suitable choice for you.

Making The Incision

In the case of breast augmentation, the incisions for surgery are placed in areas that are not noticeable to reduce the visibility of scars. You and your surgeon can discuss the different kinds of incisions during your appointment together. The type of incision you choose will be determined by the type of breast implant selected as well as the extent of enlargement desired, the structure of your body, and, finally, the patient-surgeon preference.

Inserting the Breast Implant

After your surgeon has made an incision, they’ll insert a breast implant into the pocket. The surgeon will have three choices to place the breast implant in the bag. They will talk to you in advance, depending on your preference.

Closing The Incision Site

After the breast implants have been appropriately placed, the incisions are sealed with layers of sutures within the breast tissue and surgical tape to protect the skin. The incisions will disappear over time and develop scars.


After the procedure, your surgeon will dress the breasts with an elastic gauze dressing and bandage or request you to wear a bra that supports your breasts. This will aid in reducing the swelling and help keep your breast until it is completely healed. Before you leave, your healthcare professional will instruct you to follow specific steps to ensure a rapid recovery.

They’ll also remind you to attend the next appointment. Most patients will also receive prescriptions or medicines. During the recovery process, you must wear a supportive garment, such as an elastic bra or bandage, referred to as a bandeau. Your doctor advises this, and they might also request that you keep your bandage on for a specific time.

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