Breast Augmentation


Breast Augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. It describes the enlargement of breasts using implants or fat.

Many women are concerned about the appearance of their breasts. The size of their breasts is a major concern and this is where breast augmentation, also referred to as a 'boob job', can help.

The reasons patients may opt for breast augmentation are:

  1. To enlarge small breasts
  2. Add volume to breasts following weight loss or pregnancy
  3. Achieve symmetry in asymmetrical breasts
  4. Correct a birth defect of the breast

Breast augmentation has been shown to greatly improve patient confidence and has a very high level of patient satisfaction.

Dr. Faisal has great experience in breast augmentation and specializes in producing natural results 

During the consultation, Dr. Faisal will establish what your goals are

No two people are the same and this certainly applies to breast augmentation patients. A specific breast implant will have a different result on two different people

A patient's height, weight, and chest dimensions will determine the size and shape implant they require to achieve a particular look.

In addition to using breast implant sizers, Dr. Faisal uses 3D simulation software to give a highly accurate image of what your chosen implant will look like

This allows you to proceed forward with a high level of confidence, knowing what your final result is likely to be

Dr. Faisal's main priority is patient safety. He only uses implants with the strongest safety record. His favored implants are Mentor®️, Sebbin®️ , and Motiva®️

They utilize silicone cohesive gel, or 'gummy bear', technology to give natural, safe and long-lasting results


At a Glance


Treatment time- 1 hour


Anaesthetic- General


Overnight stay- 0


Back to work- 3 days


Driving- 1 week


Return to exercise- 6 weeks


Final Result- 3- 6 months




Breast augmentation


When contemplating breast augmentation there are a few considerations Dr. Faisal will have to make.


Implant pocket – This typically means placing the implant either above the muscle (sub-glandular), under the muscle (sub-muscular), or a combination of both (dual plane). The implant needs to have enough tissue overlying it to give the most natural-looking result. The examination will determine which pocket is best suited for the individual


Implant contents- Implants are either filled with silicone or saline. For more information please check Dr. Faisal’s blog


Implant shape – Implant shape can determine the final result of the breast. Breast implants come in two shapes: round and anatomical. Round implants have more fullness in the upper portion of the breast. Anatomical implants are teardrop shaped, and have more volume at the bottom than the top. Both shapes can produce natural-looking results, but each one is suited to specific breast types. Dr. Faisal will assess the breast footprint and shape before recommending either


Implant texture- The surface of the implant can be smooth or textured. The development of textured implants was linked to reducing long-term problematic scarring known as capsular contracture. The rates of this were reduced with textured implants.

The degree of texturing can be divided into 1-macro, 2- micro, and 3- nano.

Due to recent controversy with a type of lymphoma (ALCL) macro textured implants have been removed from the market.

Smooth implants eliminate the risk of ALCL but carry a slightly higher risk of capsular contracture (hardening of the implant due to scar tissue)

Doctor Faisal uses micro and nanotextured implants



Skin incision – There are three main types of skin incision used for breast augmentation. 1- Inframammary crease (breast fold) 2- axillary 3- peri-areolar. Although the axilla and peri-areolar may seem less visible they carry a higher risk of infection and capsular contracture


Please check Dr. Faisal’s video on why he prefers to use the breast fold as his incision of choice


Fat transfer for Breast Augmentation


Breast Augmentation can also be achieved by the transfer of your own body's fat. Fat transfer, theoretically, sounds like the ideal way to augment breasts. Not only can we enhance the volume and shape of the breasts, but we can perform liposuction to areas of stubborn fat. It sounds to good to be true, right?


Unfortunately, it is. Even in the most experienced hands, the fat retention is 60%. Because a significant amount of fat is lost, it is not uncommon to require multiple stages for fat grafting. It is also difficult to predict where the fat will survive, and where it will be lost.


Fat transfer is best used as an adjunct to another procedure. This typically means it is used alongside an implant. For some patients, the tissue over the implant is very thin. For these patients, fat can add an extra layer above the implant, and make the implant less visible. Fat can also be used to narrow the cleavage line in patients with a wide cleavage.



Frequently asked questions


Will I need help after the procedure?


Breast augmentation is not a very painful procedure. If the implant is placed above the muscle, there is little to no pain. If it is placed under the muscle then there will be soreness, akin to post-exercise soreness of muscles. Patients can normally care for themselves and do not need too much assistance for activities around the house. We normally recommend taking things easy for 2-3 days.


Is breast augmentation painful?


Pain in plastic surgery is only caused by cutting through muscle. If Dr. Faisal places the implant above the muscle there will be no pain, except on the incision line. If he places it under the muscle, then there may be some discomfort for 2-3 days. This, however, is minimized by the use of anaesthesia during the surgery and pain killers on discharge. Patients normally rate it at 3/10


Will drains be necessary?


Dr. Faisal does not use drains for breast implant cases. He uses a technique in which there is minimal tissue damage in the breast. Reduced tissue damage leads to reduce fluid production. Drains can be uncomfortable for the patient. By not using them, the experience for the patient is better.


Do I have to wear a supportive bra after the procedure?


Dr. Faisal recommends wearing a surgical bra for 6 weeks. This helps the breasts to support the weight of the implant. The design places pressure on the implant so they maintain their position It has no underwire, therefore protecting the incision line from trauma.  


What Can I do to optimize the result?


Dr. Faisal recommends sleeping on your back for 3 weeks. This will prevent any pressure from displacing the implants in this early stage. Massaging the implants after the first week will help to position the implants into their final position more quickly. Avoid swimming and the gym for 6 weeks



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What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast Augmentation is performed under general anaesthesia

An overnight stay is not required and you will be able to leave for home a few hours after the surgery

The scars are placed in the fold under the breast. These measure between 3-4 cm. The location of the scar has been shown to produce the least amount of complications

Dr. Faisal will choose whether he places the implant above or below the muscle based on your anatomy. If there is enough breast tissue, then he will place it above the muscle. If this is not the case then he uses the dual plane technique. This places the top part of the implant under the muscle and the bottom part under the breast tissue. This gives the implant enough cover at the top so it is not visible, but keeps the lower pole natural looking

The incision is closed with dissolvable sutures and glue

No drains are used

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Post-Op Care and the Recovery Time After the Procedure

Following the procedure, you will awaken with a temporary bra fashioned out of surgical tape. The pain will be minimal due to the local anesthetic administered during the procedure.

Patients are allowed to go home after a period of 6- 8 hours. instructions on how to contact Dr. Faisal in an emergency will be given in addition to pain killers and antibiotics

Mobility will be limited to self-care and you will feel some mild pain and stiffness of the shoulders

Showering is permitted however the dressing must be dried immediately using a drier on a low setting

The first clinic visit  will occur the following day to be measured for a surgical bra

On the second postoperative day, you will return to the clinic for a quick wound check and collection of the surgical bra

The pain and stiffness will be significantly diminished by the 3rd day

Most people are back to work in an office-based environment by day 4/5

You can start driving in 10 days

It is advisable to sleep on your back for 3 weeks and avoid resuming physical activity for 6 weeks. This will allow the implants to settle in the right position and allow the swelling to settle quicker

clinic visits will be conducted at 1 week, 2 weeks, 6 weeks, and 4 months

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How to Prepare for the Procedure?

Before undergoing the procedure, you need to prepare:


Start by ensuring you have someone accompany you during the operation - you will not need an overnight stay, but it is still recommended you have someone you trust close by your side.

Abstain from alcohol and cigarettes starting from two weeks before your procedure, preferably sooner. They have an adverse effect on healing. 

If you are taking blood-thinning medications it is advisable that you stop taking this 1 week prior to the date. These include Plavix, aspirin and warfarin

Taking arnica tablets one leading up to the operation can significantly reduce bruising


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