When Is The Right Time To Consider Breast Reduction Surgery?

Shoulder aches, rashes, stiff neck, and back pain are symptoms of excessively large breasts or ‘macromastia’ that can interfere with women’s lives. Sleeping, exercise, sports, and everyday movements can be an issue because the musculoskeletal system is in chronic pain. The solution for this issue is breast reduction surgery; most women choose this option because of the daily pain they suffer. 

Reducing mammaplasty, known as breast reduction surgery, involves removing glandular tissue, skin, and excess breast fat to help eliminate the pain and get the breast size that the patient is comfortable with.

When should you consider breast reduction surgery?

Surgery for breast reduction gives you proportionate breasts by reshaping smaller, natural-looking breast, which will not cause pain and interfere with daily life.

If any of the below issues seems familiar, it may be the right time to consider breast surgery.

  1. You cannot take part in physical activities

With heavy breasts, you may not be able to participate in physical activities like jumping and running, which are very uncomfortable and painful. 

So, if your breast makes it challenging to enjoy healthy activities and sports, you should go for breast reduction surgery.  

  1. Your breast size negatively affects your self–confidence 

If the large breast size makes you feel self–conscious and embarrassed, you should opt for breast reduction surgery

It means clothes and bras will fit you better and restore your appearance and confidence. 

This process will also help you feel confident and comfortable when meeting new people, wearing bathing suits, or during any presentation in an office meeting, etc. 

  1. Your breast sag and droop

There is no doubt that a large breast size is heavy, and excessive weight cause drooping and sagging, which can change the position of your breast. 

It can be fixed by adding a breast lift to the breast reduction process. 

It will also result in correcting small breasts’ position and making them perkier. 

  1. You have chronic pain

Large breast size can result in chronic shoulder, neck, or back pain. Breast surgery can be the best answer if you want to say goodbye to the chronic pain caused by huge breasts.   

Am I a good candidate for breast reduction surgery?

Reduction surgery for the breast is an option for women whose breast size causes physical and emotional trouble. However, you may not be a perfect candidate for the surgery if you

  1. Have heart issues
  2. Have diabetes
  3. Are obese
  4. Smoke cigarettes  

Also, if you breastfeed or are pregnant, you should wait or consult the best breast surgeon


The above mentioned are some reasons which result in breast surgery. If you are facing any of the above issues, you should immediately consult the best breast surgeon to get rid of the problem at the earliest.   

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