What Difference Does Breast Augmentation Revision Make? – This is What You Should Know

When one goes for breast surgery, the ultimate goal is to achieve the right shape and size of breasts that can complement your body and boost your confidence level. But what if you didn’t reach the outcomes you were looking for? You can have revision surgery, i.e., breast augmentation revision. If you are thinking about what difference it will make, your answer is all your way. Keep reading till the end!

Why Prefer Breast Augmentation Revision?

If we start listing why people prefer having breast revision, the list goes so long, including medical and cosmetic needs. With time, natural breasts change shape and appearance, but this can happen to implants too. So if you have had surgery once, and still you are not satisfied with the results, or the impact of the surgery has faded over the years, you can say yes to breast augmentation Dubai. In some rare cases, revision becomes essential as a result of complications in the first surgery. 

If we shortlist some significant reasons why women choose breast augmentation revision, it goes like – 

– To change the shape, size, or type of implants.

– Replacement of pre-existing implants.

– For the treatment of capsular contracture 

– To resolve the undulation or folding of the implants.

– To solve implant migration.

– To get ruptured, leaking, or flattened implants out.

– Removal of implants that are no longer needed.

Women who are going through fluctuation in weight or are pregnant or breastfeeding go through some significant changes in their breasts’ shape, size, and appearance. Hence, they also choose to have breast revision surgery to get them back as they desired. Once done, these implants last for years, and as the first augmentation had no risks, the revision also has zero risks. 

Find a Suitable Surgeon.

Most people get their revision done by the previous doctor. But if you are considering changing the surgeon, consider certain things before finalizing the best plastic surgeon Dubai for your breast revision. Investigate how many years of experience he/she has, what implant technique they have expertise in, does the hospital has enough facility and resources to have it done, and the certifications. 


The changes that are made to you with these surgeries and the revision are permanent, and they do not stop the aging of your body, control weight or your hormonal levels; also, they come with their limitations and conditions, which you should consider before going for the breast augmentation revision. If we talk about the recovery and results, they all vary from person to person according to their medical condition, type of surgery, and several other factors. So don’t forget to talk to your doctor to be more precise about everything. 

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