Nipple surgery


While most women think about the size of breasts often and wish it were different, it is rare for someone to complain about the shape or direction of their nipples. But, for the millions of women out there that have uneven nipples, saggy nipples, or damaged nipples that need reconstruction this is a serious problem that greatly harms their self-image.

What is nipple surgery?

 Nipple surgery or sometimes known as nipple construction surgery is a procedure targetted to people who feel uncomfortable with their nipples or have significantly deformed nipples either due to genetics or an accident. This procedure isn’t as well-known as breast augmentation, but for the people who need it, it provides excellent results with a short recovery period. 

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Who Should Undergo this Procedure? 

If any of the following scenarios describe what you’re going through, then this procedure is the easy, quick, and safe answer to your problems: 


  • Whether you’re looking in the mirror, going out for a party, or just dressing up, if your nipples are damaged or uneven, you’ll feel self-conscious about it. This ruins your nights out and doesn’t let you fully enjoy your life. If you want to say goodbye to these feelings, then this procedure is a good choice. 
  • Sadly breast cancer is becoming more and more common, and while millions of dollars go into researching the cause of this phenomenon, we are no closer to ascertain the true reasons behind it. The only solution in most cases is a  mastectomy to get rid of the cancer tissues. This, sadly, deforms your breasts and makes it look unnatural. Nipple surgery can be part of a wider effort to completely reconstruct your breasts. 
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Am I a Suitable Candidate?

You need to clear some requirements before being deemed as a good candidate to undergo this procedure: 

  • If you’ve recently undergone a mastectomy or another surgical procedure involving your breasts, you need to inform the doctor. This has the potential to complicate the operation, and it requires special preparations and sometimes even postponement. 
  • You should completely understand the risks involved and have realistic expectations about the results. Doctor Faisal will sit down with you and discuss the potential risks and the end result to you, and you need to listen carefully. If you have any questions or are anxious about something, don’t hesitate to ask him right away. 
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How to Prepare?

Learning how to prepare appropriately is a crucial step in having a successful surgical procedure - adequate preparations help you get better results and heal faster - here are a few things you can do: 

  • Start watching what you eat and drink. Try to stay away from unhealthy food and definitely abstain from alcohol for at least two weeks before the operation. These are not only bad for your health but act as impediments in front of your healing. 
  • Stay out of extreme temperatures and ensure you stay in top shape leading up to the procedure. Some illnesses would cause trouble for you during and post-operation and risking a procedure while sick might involve serious risk to your health. It’s safe to tell the doctor about any sicknesses or allergies you might have in advance. 
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Post-Op Care

It’s vital to ensure the healing process goes smoothly after the procedure - Dr Faisal’s comprehensive post-op care package gives you everything you need to make sure you safely and quickly heal without any issues. He’ll periodically see you and give you new instructions apt for that stage of healing. You’ll get better in no time.

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Recovery Time

The recovery time isn’t significant and the area of surgery isn’t as large as other operations done on breasts, so you shouldn’t expect restricted movement or other issues. You’ll be able to go back to work fairly quickly. However, it is important to protect your breasts from any and all physical impacts during the healing process and expect to deal with inflammation and swelling.


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