Can You Speed Up Your Recovery After Plastic Surgery In Dubai?

One of the major concerns people have while planning for surgical procedures is how long the recovery will be and when you can return to work and do other activities. Usually, recovery time varies from person to person and depends on the plastic surgery procedure. However, there are some options for fast recovery.

Ways to recover faster after plastic surgery

1. Do not overdo it

Moving around or staying active is a positive thing, however, do not do it in excess or suddenly. You should also avoid engaging in strenuous activities, lifting, and workouts until you get approval from your plastic surgeon

2. Follow-up appointments

No matter how lazy you are, do not miss follow-up appointments because your surgeon has to monitor the recovery process to ensure that the healing process is going on correctly or if they have to make corrections in the healing process.  

3. Healthy diet 

You will feel an appetite shift after the surgery; however, you should eat adequately and healthily. 

Include lots of carbs and protein in your diet so that your body can repair and heal itself. 

You should discuss it with your surgeon if you want to take vitamins for fast recovery.     

4. Say no to vaping and smoking

Your body requires ample energy and rest to heal properly after the surgery. 

You should avoid smoking during the healing process. 

Also, the best way to recover fast is to quit smoking entirely during the process, as vaping or smoking can severely impair the body’s healing ability, increase bruising, and cause other complications.   

5. Avoid banned substances

Plastic surgery Dubai is generally intensive, so you should consult your doctor before taking medicinal substances like turmeric, green tea, etc., as it may increase the risk of bleeding during recovery phase. 

Other supplements or herbs may also interact with pain medicine or anesthesia, resulting in complications. 

It is usually advised to ban these substances at least two weeks before surgery and during the recovery phase.    

6. Do not be a couch potato

Resting is the major part of recovery, and many medicines may cause constipation. So, gear up a little, take short walks and increase your fluid intake. 

7. Timely medication

No matter how good you feel, timely medication is very important. Do not miss any medicine or painkillers, even if the pain is tolerable. Skipping medicines may cause bruising or any other complication. 


Taking care of yourself and following the doctor’s advice is the best way to speed up your recovery. 

The best plastic surgeon in Dubai will always ensure you get the top pre and post-treatment advice and medication for successful plastic surgery.    

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