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Unfortunately, droopiness of the breast is a complaint many women have to deal this. For some, it is a problem they have always had to contend with, and others it is a legacy of pregnancy and motherhood. For most patients, age and time will stretch the supporting ligaments of the breast causing them to hang lower than in their youth


What is a Breast Lift?

A breast lift, Mastopexy, is a procedure that aims to change the shape, contour, and size of the breasts and nipples - it is principally done to correct saggy boobs. This typically occurs due to age, weight loss, and most commonly pregnancy.

The breast lift is performed as a general anesthetic, but does not involve an overnight stay. There are several ways to perform a lift. The goal of the lift is to place the nipple in an aesthetically ideal position and remove the wrinkled and sagging skin. The scars can either be around the nipple, in the shape of a lollipop or an anchor pattern. The choice of the scar is based upon the amount of lift necessary and area of skin to be excised. Most patients desire to want the least amount of scarring, but often this is not possible due to the limitations this would place on the final result

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Who would benefit  from the procedure

Weight fluctuations cause the skin to stretch, and with changes analogous to pregnancy, it can often leave the breasts sagging. This category of patients is very well suited to boob lift.


  • Aging causes breast tissue to become thinner and lose its elasticity. It often leads to saggy boobs or skin being unable to support the breast as it once did and succumb to gravity.  

  • The fluctuation in the size of the breasts during pregnancy can lead to the skin not retracting back to its pre-pregnancy state. This leads to stretch marks and the breasts appearing droopy, in addition to the nipple-areola changing size and shape
  • Weight fluctuations cause the skin to stretch, and with changes analogous to pregnancy, it can often leave the breasts sagging. This category of patients is very well suited to mastopexy
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Am I good candidate for the procedure

Do you have

  • BMI< 30
  • No significant medical issues, such as diabetes
  • no smoking
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How do I prepare for the procedure

  • Avoid strenuous exercise one week prior to the breast lift procedure
  • Avoid blood-thinning medications such as aspirin and warfarin
  • Avoid alcohol 1 day prior to the procedure
  • The procedure is relatively pain-free, so it will not interfere too much with your daily activities
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Recovery Time & Post-Op Care

Following the procedure, the patient will awaken with dressings on both breasts. The procedure is very superficial, so is not particularly painful. There may be some discomfort at the suture line, but this is easily controlled with pain killers

The patient will go home the same day with antibiotics and pain medication

The first post-operative check will be at 48 hours. The bra size will be measured and made available for collection the following day. The bra will have to be worn for 6 weeks

A further check will be made at 1, 2 and 4 weeks. 

Patients are typically back to an office-based work environment within the first week 

Exercise can resume at 6 weeks

Scar management will typically begin at 3 weeks

Scar therapy will commence at 4 weeks with silicone strips

The final result of the breasts will typically be seen at 6 months

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