Anti- wrinkle injections for Sweating Armpits, Palms, and Feet


Excessive sweating is a huge source of anxiety and depression for the unfortunate individuals who suffer from it. In addition to being self-conscious of wet patches and odour, individuals may have to change shirts and socks more than once in a day to get through without embarrassment. Patients are often reluctant to shake hands, and this has massive effect on those working in a hospitality environment as well as social occasions.

The areas of concern are the armpits, palms, and soles of the feet

Patients typically try different deodorants, and creams to tackle the issue, but have limited success. Many people are surprised to find that anti-wrinkle injections is a treatment for this

Anti wrinkle injections are a neuromodulator protein. Its action is to block signals going from nerves to muscles. 

Sweat is produced by muscles around the sweat glands contracting and stimulating the glands to secrete sweat. Anti-wrinkle injections blocks the signal going from the nerves to the muscles and therefore prevents sweat production

Dr. Faisal uses the highest quality of Anti- wrinkle injections. 

How is the Anti-wrinkle injection injected

The injections are performed in the clinic

Local anaesthetic numbing cream is first applied to the affected areas

The targeted area is then mapped out and the Anti-wrinkle injections injected in an even manner

The armpit is the area that is the easiest to treat

The palms and the soles of the feet are mildly uncomfortable 

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What Happens After the Injection?

Dr. Faisal discourages you from exercising, massage, sauna and drinking alcohol for 4 hours after the procedure

The effect will start working after 3 days

Its best effect will be at 2 weeks

Dr. Faisal will invite you back to the clinic at 2 weeks

The effect typically lasts for 4 months, at which Dr. Faisal will invite you back for a further treatment

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How to Prepare Before the Injection?

Inform Dr. Faisal if you have previously had a reaction with Anti-wrinkle injections

Avoid any alcohol consumption before the injection

This is a minimally invasive procedure so no time off work is necessary

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