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As people get older, their skin becomes inelastic and their face muscles become more prominent - this causes wrinkles and lines to appear and deepen. This causes the person’s face to look older, and can cause self-image and anxiety issues.

What is a Botox Injection Around the Mouth?

Botox is a highly complex protein that when injected into a muscle, eliminates the contraction in said muscle and makes it more relaxed. This eliminates wrinkles  It is a very easy and safe procedure with a high satisfaction rate. 

The effect will last for 4- 6 months

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Who Should Undergo this Procedure? 

  • Marionette lines are the small lines that appear just beneath the corners of the mouth - while they are normally unnoticeable, over time, they can become quite prominent with age 
  • Vertical lines on your lips can deepen with age. Smoking can exacerbate these lines and they are frequently known as 'smokers lines'. 
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Am I a Suitable Candidate?

Botox injection is a simple procedure that doesn’t require stringent requirements for someone to qualify. Most people are candidates, provided they have not had an allergic reaction in the past

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How to Prepare for the Procedure?

  • Try to avoid drinking alcohol prior to the procedure
  • The procedure is painless and typically does not require any numbing medication.
  • However, on rare occasions, an ice pack can be applied to help reduce the pain and bruising
  • Very occasionally would numbing medication be applied
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What Happens After the Procedure

  • There will be a few puncture marks immediately after the procedure that will resolve after 10- 15 minutes
  • Avoid massage, exercise, and sauna for 3-4 hours after the procedure
  • The effects will start to show after 3 days
  • The best effect will be in 2 weeks
  • A follow appointment will be scheduled for 2 weeks to assess the effect and free top up with additional botox if necessary



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