Flanks Liposuction


Sadly no one can control how their body stores fat, and one of the worst places a body can store fat in the flanks. These not only make it impossible for you to wear anything you like, but it also makes you look disproportionate and out of shape. Sadly, there aren’t many exercises that target the flanks, and spot losing weight never works. You need a quick and easy method that will remove the excess fat from the flanks and gives you the figure you’ve always dreamt of.

What is Flanks Liposuction?

 Flanks liposuction is a fat removing process that spot removes the excess fat a person stores in their flanks. Because it is so hard to lose weight there and this procedure is extremely safe, it has steadily risen in popularity, and, nowadays, thousands of people each year remove all the excess fat without the need to exercise. 

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Who Should I Remove the Excess Fat from My Flanks?

  • Flanks determine the size of your jeans, your dresses, and your shirts. If your flanks are sufficiently outsized, you’ll find yourself searching hours and hours on end just to find something you’ll be comfortable wearing. With a flanks liposuction procedure, you can say goodbye to that headache. You’ll finally be able to wear tight, revealing, and flattering clothes without feeling extremely self-conscious.
  • The outsized flanks, if not fixed, gradually, due to ageing and gravity, result in your skin sagging and looking old and flappy. This is an extremely undesirable result that everyone wants to avoid if they can help it.
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Am I a Suitable Candidate?

You need to ask yourself the following questions if you want to find out whether you’re suitable or not to undergo this procedure: 


  • Are you healthy? Do you have any allergic reactions? Has any doctor worked on your flanks before? These are extremely important questions the doctor needs to ask you to determine your medical history and viability. Don’t shy away from telling him everything, because keeping medical conditions from your doctor is a common way surgeries go wrong.
  • Do you plan to keep your weight stable after the surgery? Liposuctions aren’t generally a way for you to lose weight. Rather, this is a way to target extremely stubborn pockets of fat that aren’t easily removed with dieting. If you’re not going to watch your weight and want to just use liposuction to lose weight, then you’ll find yourself in the same position and with the same pockets of fat six months to a year after the procedure. 
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What Happens After the Procedure?

After the procedure, the doctor usually sends you home as this doesn’t require an overnight stay. You’ll need to rest and recuperate for a week or so - during this period, you need to take time off from your work and physical activities inside your house. It is usually recommended to have someone take care of you so you can rest better. Nevertheless, don’t worry, doctor Faisal cares deeply about the health and the status of his patients after a procedure. He’ll be available if you want to call him and ask him about anything. He’ll also schedule checkups, so he can ascertain your progress and tell you what you need to do until you’ve completely recovered.


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