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The cheeks are a fundamental component of beauty. Fuller and more defined cheeks not only contribute to beauty but are also a sign of youth. In the modern age of smartphones and selfies, the expectation to look picture perfect has never been greater

Dr. Faisal typically consults two groups of patients

The first group is younger and would like more contoured cheeks

The second is a little older and they typically complain of their cheeks flattening and not being as round as they once were. The flattening of the cheek also leads to secondary effects like deepening of the laughter lines

Fillers to the cheek offer a minimally invasive method to volumise the cheeks

Fillers of the cheek fall into two groups

  1. Hyaluronic Acid
  2. Sculptra

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring sugar that exists within the body.

A synthetic form of hyaluronic acid has been used in cosmetic practice for many years. It is a very safe substance and is known to have a very low complication profile

When placed inside the body it absorbs water like a sponge, causing the volume to increase. The absorption of water hydrates the skin.

Dr. Faisal only uses the most reputable brands of Hyaluronic acid. His priority is to use products that have the highest safety standards combined with the best results and longest-lasting outcomes

His preferred partners are the Juvederm®️ range by Allergan®️, Restylane®️ by  Galderma®️ and Teoxane®️

The results with hyaluronic are immediately visible

The effects of Hyaluronic acid will last for about 9-12 months



Scupltra®️ is the trade name of a substance called poly-L-lactic acid. It is a very clever substance that promotes the body to produce a natural protein called collagen. This helps to produce a very natural cheek enhancement

The results following Sculptra ®️ injection are visible after 3 months and last for about 2-2.5 years

What is Cheek Filler Treatment

It is performed in the clinic

Local anaesthetic numbing cream will be applied 30 minutes prior to the procedure

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid typically comes in 1 cc syringes and for this, you will need about 2 cc's

A combination of a very fine needle and Cannulae are used to perform the procedure 

It is normally completed within 15-20 minutes


Sculptra®️ has to be reconstituted at least 24 hours prior to the treatment so a deposit is typically taken at booking

2 vials of Sculptra®️ are typically necessary for the cheeks. A top-up treatment may be necessary 3 months

A combination of a very fine needle and Cannulae are used to perform the procedure 

It is normally completed within 15-20 minutes

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What is the Recovery following treatment

You  are able to go home immediately after treatment

Hyaluronic Acid

The filler is pliable for a couple of days after the procedure so it is advisable to avoid  putting pressure on it

There may be mild discomfort at the injection sites. This is easily managed with paracetamol

The results may look exaggerated at the start, however, the body encapsulates the filler and the result smoothes out over the next couple of weeks


The Sculptra®️ will have been diluted in saltwater, so the results will look quite exaggerated. 

The swelling will diminish over the first 5 days

You will have to massage the cheeks for 5 minutes, 5 times a day for 1 week

The result will slowly start to show over the next 2-3 months

Dr. Faisal will review you at 3 months, and the decision will be made to use another vial if necessary

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How Can you Prepare for the Procedure?

Taking arnica tablets 3-4 days leading up to the procedure can significantly reduce bruising

Stopping blood thinning tablets such as aspirin, warfarin and Plavix 1 week leading up to the procedure can significantly reduce the chance of bleeding

Applying the local anaesthetic numbing cream before you arrive in the clinic can improve the efficiency with which you can have the procedure and exit the clinic

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As dermal fillers aren’t a surgical procedure, you should be in good health immediately. Your capability to work or drive will not be impaired in any way. However, you may experience swelling that will last up to a couple of days. One surefire way to remedy this are cold packs, though they might prove unnecessary, since in most cases the swelling isn’t really noticeable. Beyond that, no significant aftercare is necessary. It is important, however, that you spend the rest of the day after the procedure relaxing, as you may be quite tired. Avoid working out or other high-intensity activities for the 24 hours after the treatment, as an increased heart rate begets an increased risk of bruising.

Though it is highly unlikely this will happen, should you experience significant bruising or bruising that persists longer than normal, contact your doctor. He’ll help you through ultrasound or laser treatment, which is a reliable way of reducing bruising. Keep in mind that the results brought on by dermal fillers are temporary and must be reapplied after six to nine months in order to maintain the impression of plumper, smoother, younger cheeks.

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