Breast Cancer Reconstruction


Breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in the world. Yearly, millions of women suffer from this horrendous disease every year - thankfully, due to medical advances, most people survive, although at a price. A disfigured breast(s) is always there to remind them of what they’ve been through. Aside from being a reminder for all the pain and hardship they’ve suffered, it is also aesthetically not pleasing and makes the person feel self-conscious. Breast construction surgery is a series of operations that will help you regain what you’ve lost due to the disease.

What is Breast Cancer Reconstruction?

 Breast cancer reconstruction is a series of operations that includes breast augmentation, breast lifting, and nipple reconstruction to recreate and amend all aspects of a person’s breasts and make the signs of a mastectomy decrease significantly. It is usually the only option women who have suffered cancer have to regain the shape of their breasts. 

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What Can the People Undergoing This Procedure Expect?

If you’ve survived cancer and want to undergo breast cancer reconstruction surgery, you obviously expect a lot, and doctor Faisal has the experience and credentials to give excellent results. 


  • The augmentation operation will include increasing implants to replace the tissues you’ve lost - this part will increase the size of your breast and return it to normal levels. 
  • The lifting parts include incisions to make sure the surface skin looks completely natural. A few techniques are used to achieve the best result - depending on how severe the mastectomy has been.  
  • And last but not least, nipple reconstruction techniques are used to recreate the nipples and give them a natural look. This concludes the reconstruction of the whole breast, and after the healing process is done, you’ll be amazed by the results. 
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Am I a Suitable Candidate?

Of course, this is one of the most complex surgical procedures out there - the doctor will attempt to recreate the breasts. It is miles more complicated than a simple breast augmentation, and that’s why it needs a candidate who can undergo the surgery successfully. 


  • When did you go through the mastectomy? Cancer takes a huge toll on the body and healing from it takes time. That’s why the reconstruction surgery needs to take place a considerable time after you’ve healed from cancer. Talk to the doctor about it to get more specific advice. 
  • Healing from the mastectomy isn’t the only thing that matter, you need to be in good health regardless of that. If you have any allergies or medical condition that could cause you to bleed or prevent you from healing, the doctor needs to know about it ASAP. 
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How to Prepare?

You need to make some lifestyle changes a week or two before the surgery - this is important to ensure there are no toxic chemicals in your body, and your body is ready to immediately recover post-operation: 


  • Stop smoking and drinking at least two weeks before the surgery. It is no secret those are bad for your health, but they are especially bad if you’re going to undergo a major surgery soon. 
  • Ensure you have a trusted one to take care of you and keep you company in the week after the surgery. You need time to recover and the surgery will prevent you from doing most physical activities, having a person helping you will make life much easier. 
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Recovery Time and Healing

Recovery will take at least a month and will sometimes last up to two months. During this period, your breasts will be swollen, inflammation and itching will be common, too. This is why it is extremely important for Doctor Faisal to do regular checkups to ensure you are on your path to recovery and good health. The post-operation care package he offers includes regular checkups and status updates. You won’t need to worry about any complications or problems. 

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